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About BrioNexus 

BrioNexus offers high-quality proactive consulting for business strategy, branding, business solutions through innovation, and creating business networks on an international scale.

Our services come with a high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and confidentiality. We take pride to offer service that is professional, efficient and effective.

The name of the company derives from two words: Brio (from Italian/Celtic/Latin) which means fire, vigorous, bursting with life and Nexus (from latin)  which literary means "that which ties or binds together".  Thus BrioNexus is all about connecting people, ideas, concepts, cultures and through these connections bring new value to the life of people in society.

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Our Philosophy and values are based on the Japanese principle“Sampo yoshi三方良し” (Triple satisfaction) of “good for the seller, the buyer, and society-a traditional Japanese strategy for corporate longevity.

We aim to create a corporate culture and company that thinks and acts by having the customers first, doing business with a caring mind for the people in our surroundings, while creating value for our company and the future of society.

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Our Mission 

The world is in upheaval, and business everywhere are recognizing instinctively the need for change, for new ways of doing things.

BrioNexus grasps the ongoing change in global markets and society as they merge and we bring together the brightest thinkers, the most open minds to reshape the future for your business. Our mission is to support businesses who strive to contribute towards building safe, comfortable, and sustainable society, implementing a collaborative strategy, and using innovation to foster sustainable living.

Accelerate Change to Access our Highest Creative Potential to Co-create the World.

We aim to transform your company into fully Digital, Sustainable and Responsible player.

Accelerate Change, Provoke Innovation, Connect through Synergies and Create Long-lasting Values for All Stakeholders– these are our guiding principles.

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Our Team

BrioNexus is represented by Dr. Andrijana Cvetkovikj, the former Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Macedonia in Japan, and a group of executive consultants, all of whom are distinguished individuals with years of global business experience in different industries.  

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