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We are a team of elite intellectuals&professionals guiding You to Your long-term success while shaping 

Your business to be fully digital, global and sustainable. 

New York Office
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  • Accelerate Change

  • Provoke Innovation

  • Connect through Synergies

  • Create Long-lasting Values for all Stakeholders

  BrioNexus  -
the story of your new beginning


BrioNexus is more than a consulting company, we are a game-changer.

Our mission is to bring people and ideas together and serve companies in Japan, Europe and the United States connect, forge partnerships and craft long-term strategic plans that will allow them to become more global, sustainable and resilient in the current market.



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Business Team
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We are entrepreneurs at heart, child at spirit and mavericks at mind and execution.         

We are also fast, interactive, and well connected with the grassroots as well as with the business, political, cultural and security worlds. 

We are not just observers and advisers to your business-we are your partners and strategists. 

Our motto is:

Understand Now, Impact Now.

Crisis is an opportunity to understand the limitations of our world, our processes and practices. The COVID-19 situation challenged the world to re-think its economic viability and globalization.

The services and partnership we offer are here to bridge the gap of the " old ways" and leap into the "new ways" and the future of your potential.  

Japan is one of the world’s preeminent powers, influential economically, politically, and culturally. 

It is also a country where innovation is easily born, accepted, adapted and perfected. 

Bringing the minds of people from across the Globe to the Japanese market and using the best of both worlds can only produce disruptive economies of scale. 

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